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Wellness is not one dimensional. Your well-being providers needs to meet you where you are in this moment. We are here to bring you back to balance by finding your perfect combination of elements: breath + body, mind + spirit, community comprised of diverse individuality, knowledge, and above all an open invitation to show up exactly as you are and go deeper.  

I picked up my first weight when I was thirteen years old – life would never be the same. Yes, I can deadlift over 600lbs after a lifetime of commitment, but I truly found balance and learned to push myself the furthest when I started practicing yoga. It is strength and flexibility in harmony that shapes my routine, keeps me focused, and unwinds me after a long day. My background is in economics and I have been practicing law for almost a decade. I am the General Counsel at a fintech startup but still make time for yoga every damn day. I take pride in the fact that my broga practice has inspired many other men to start practicing yoga as well. The Corner Yoga Studio will be a community where more than the insta-famous-wannabe yogis come to get “toned.” It is rooted in yoga for all – as long as you're ready to commit, work hard, and bring it. I promise you won’t be the sweatiest guy in the room.

All of my continued education has focused on getting to know people and the body better. How to help individuals and communities, help relieve anxiety and pain, understand 'stress,' ‘trauma,’ ‘addiction,' 'alignment' or really: body individuality. I came to this practice from a place of injury, PTSD and heightened nervous system. I get it. I've been there. I believe the trick is not to get stuck. When you continue to show up on your mat things start to happen – you heal (often by kicking your own ass). Service (Seva) - teaching yoga, healing, helping elevate others – has always been my calling. Whether I am editing books, counseling, or assisting the body before me on a mat - I work to help people evolve. 

I’m a Trauma-Informed, Vin + Yin yogi, Teacher Training and Continued Ed Director, student of Thanatology (death and grief) and LIFE. I believe in finding joy + play + your deepest self on your mat; in OPTIONS, making space, and have seen yoga change lives. As a queer individual, and a person forever curious about the many explorations of identity, I believe in creating safe spaces for ALL humans occupying bodies. You will be held dear here. Yoga is a wonderful tool to get to know YOU better.

The Corner is built on the back of many years teaching and even more years managing yoga studios around NYC, Astoria + BK. I’m the one scooching my mat over when someone needs a spot! I love getting down in the mud, doing the work, extending a hand, and lifting my fellow yogis up. I may be a teacher/leader in this setting but we all have so much to learn from each other. The Corner is a space for ALL - no BS!



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Studios like to boast that they offer all levels classes and that all students are welcome but with little follow through. Most cater solely to the advanced practitioner. The Corner will provide our neighborhood with a community studio prepared to make space for every individual who walks through our doors. We want to share yoga, utilizing it as a tool, so that you can confidently come to your mat to learn how to get what you need out of a practice.

At the corner, we work to fill a void in the current yoga wellness landscape.

without having to look like anyone else while doing it.

The Fillmore Place Historic District—located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn—is a small and intact enclave of 29 properties, mostly multi-family flats buildings erected in the mid-nineteenth century during a period of rapid urbanization in the area. The Fillmore Place Historic District also includes several properties—notably the short row at 672 to 676 Driggs Avenue and the individual structure at no. 662—that were not part of Clock and Miller’s plan of 37 lots but that were built at about the same time and are similar architecturally to the structures on Fillmore Place. 
Most of the buildings within the Fillmore Place Historic District were designed in a restrained Italianate style. In many ways the houses erected along Fillmore Place represent a transition from the Greek Revival style that had prevailed in the 1830s into the 1840s, and the high-style Italianate.

Date of Construction: c. 1868 Builder & Owner: Edward A. Woolley 

It appears that Woolley was his own contractor; according to his obituary in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Woolley “went into the building business in 1864 and since that time had built over two hundred houses” throughout Brooklyn. While the property remained in the Woolley family’s ownership for several decades, passing to Edward’s son John in 1878 and then to his daughter Sarah the same year, none of the family ever resided here. Early tenants according to the 1880 United State census included William Coffey, tailor, Volguard Magnussen, grocer, and Eide Vollers, a grocery clerk who boarded with the Magnussens. The property, along with its neighbor at 674 Driggs Avenue, was acquired in 1887 by John Krapp, a local woodworker who owned and lived at 21 Fillmore Place.

The studio has been a furniture store and a vintage store in recent lives. On our ConEd bill it is listed as a ‘club’ so there’s a little mystery there... The Corner is happy to call 676 Driggs Avenue home - and we are proud to be part of its rich history.


676 Driggs Ave

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