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At The Corner we believe in options, autonomy, science, breath; meeting people where they are, providing support, and building community. We see you! Everyone deserves space to move as themselves on the mat and in the world. Join us in our mission of yoga-for-all! #makespace

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“This studio means everything to us. We met on the mat, got engaged on the mat, continue to grow there individually and together; we’ve always wanted to create a space to bring everything we love to you. We cannot wait to see you on the mat. Meet you at The Corner!”

this has been a dream, many years in the making.

- Rebecca & Joe

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Rebecca is equal parts experienced, compassionate, and playful. Her philosophy `Your body your way’ is completely authentic, making every class exactly what YOU need!
- Rachel

Rebecca brings the most amazing energy to every class she teaches whether it be power flow, yin or something in between! She uses creative transitions and offers options for all levels to make sure each yogi feels free to choose what’s right for them. Class is always challenging and relaxing, you don’t want to miss it!
- Lizzy

I was admittedly a yoga skeptic when I started one on one sessions with Rebecca. It only took one session to get me hooked! She is knowledgeable about the practice and the physiology behind each position. She is tuned into the needs of her students. And on top of her skills as a yoga teacher, she is a joy as a person.
- Katia



I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca and her husband Joe for many years. They are like family. During the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, my wife and I found ourselves on the other side of the country with a newborn, far away from our friends and family in New York. We were alone and were in great need of connection and spiritual wellness. I knew that my friend Rebecca would be able to help us.   

After a check in call with Rebecca, my wife and I decided to embark on our yoga journey. Rebecca is not only an expert yogi, but the amount of care and attention to detail that she puts into her classes sets her apart from most others. She is one of my favorite people because I always come away from our experiences, be it yoga or otherwise, with a refreshed sense of self and gratitude. 

If you are looking for a caring, professional, and knowledgeable yoga instructor; Rebecca is your person. I only wish I lived in New York so I could swing by The Corner Yoga Studio on a regular basis.
- Sean

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